A Watchdog warns us; insight from Dave Lieber, the Watchdog for the Dallas Morning News – along with insight from Malcolm Gladwell

Dave Lieber and GladwellReading a good book is a learning experience; a thought-expanding experience; and , sometimes, a quite practical experience.

At the October First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas, I presented my synopsis of the provocative new book by Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers. Well, I am in the midst of talking to some strangers myself.  Our house was damaged in the great tornado of 2019, and we are working with an insurance adjuster and contractors.

Dave Lieber writes the Watchdog Column for the Dallas Morning News, and he warned of people offering to do work that they weren’t fully qualified to do.  (And, yes, some are also out-and-out dishonest).  Putting the Dave Lieber column, and Malcolm Gladwell’s book together, I think my wife and I were able to make wiser decisions regarding the tornado-aftermath repair work we needed done.

So, after I shared a thank you in a tweet to Mr. Lieber, Dave wrote a column, quoting the Malcolm Gladwell book (and me):  How author Malcolm Gladwell’s idea about trusting people can help you avoid a scam(The print version – see photo – used a different title).

Here’s an obvious thought:  we should all know to do our homework about the people we work with.  But this book, and Mr. Lieber’s column, made the point so strongly, and effectively, that maybe I finally learned why this is important.

I think Mr. Lieber’s column is a good reminder and summary of some of the key content of the book Talking to Strangers.  You might find it useful.


Talking to StrangersAnd, here is my earlier blog post with my lessons and takeaways from this good book: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell – Here are my Six Lessons and Takeaways.

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