Customer Service Basics – Get These Right, Every Time, or…

This was prompted by two recent dining out experiences.

One was at the Park City Club in Dallas.  This is the club where we hold our First Friday Book Synopsis.  This club is wonderful in every way.  A great place; breathtaking view of the city; great food; and truly terrific service.

My wife and I went there for a rare dinner out at the club.  One tends to forget what truly exceptional service is like until they receive it. In other words, it is pretty rare.  Try describing it this way; in addition to pleasant interactions, what they provided was full attentiveness, with no lapse of time in meeting every need and request, whether requested, or just observed by the servers.

In other words, glasses were kept full, and there was no delay on any request; nor any delay in getting the attention of a server.

The other recent experience was at a slightly upscale chain restaurant.  We have eaten there before.  But this time, the service was…well…nothing like the Park City Club.  Never a refill on our water glasses.  Utter disregard for a specific request.  It was a disappointing enough experience that I talked to the manager as I left.  He was embarrassed, but did not fully respond well either.

So, here are the lessons. Whatever your business, trust me – you are in the customer service business. If you don’t sense what your customer wants and needs, and respond to that customer in a timely way, while being pleasant in the process, then you have left a bad impression.  Too many of those bad impressions equals a customer lost – with, even worse, bad word of mouth.


Pay attention.
Sense what is needed before it is requested.
Deliver what is needed, and requested – as soon as you possibly can.
And never let up. Not ever!

We really should eat dinner more often at the Park City Club.

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