Summer Reading; Escape Reading – My current favorites are Anthony Horowitz, and of course Daniel Silva

Randy Mayeux truly is the epitome of a life-long learner. Beginning with his love of comic books, then the Hardy Boys, to Nero Wolfe, and finally to a much wider array, he keeps reading! (he may have neglected far too many novels). But in multiple areas including theology, business, general nonfiction, social justice and poverty, he has always been an avid reader.
In addition to his briefings on business books and books on social justice & poverty, he has presented extended presentations on ethics (especially business ethics), the threat of Al-Qaeda, the financial crash and ongoing economic crisis of the last few years, and the challenges facing the health care industry.
Recently, a client asked Randy what his qualifications were. His simple answer:
“I read books.
I read a lot of books.”
In other words, Randy is unendingly curious – & his curiosity drives his life-long-learning passion.
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It’s summer.  It’s time for some summer escape reading.

All year, including the summer, I read “serious” books.  I prepare synopses of business books for the First Friday Book Synopsis, synopses of books on social justice issues for the Urban Engagement Book Club, and a few other books for clients, and for more general book reviews.

But, especially in the summer, I like to do some “escape” reading.

Magpie MurdersThis summer, I have discovered Anthony Horowitz.  I knew him before, but not as an author, and not – sorry to say – by name.  Among other accomplishments, he was the first writer for Midsomer Murders, and the creator of and writer of Foyle’s War, two of my favorite British TV series. (Foyle’s War is an absolute treasure; Midsomer Murders is just whodunit fun).  I first read his two Detective Daniel Hawthorne books (The Word is Murder & The Sentence is Death), then I read his Sherlock Holmes story The House of Silk, and the Holmes “adaptation,” Moriarty. And I’ve just finished Magpie Murders.  He has also written a couple of James Bond novels.  The Sherlock Holmes book was authorised by the Conan Doyle estate, and the Ian Fleming estate commissioned the Bond books.

I’m an enthusiastic convert to Mr. Horowitz, and look forward to reading more.  He is an inventive author.

coming July, 2019

coming July, 2019

In July, Daniel Silva’s new Gabriel Allon book, The New Girl, will be published.  I will just inhale that when it arrives.  If you’ve never read Gabriel Allon, well…if it were a contest between Gabriel Allon, James Bond, Jack Reacher, and anyone else you want to name, my money would be on Mr. Allon.  I can’t wait.

And, in recent months, I have read all of the Orphan X books by Gregg Hurwitz.

And, yes, I’ve read pretty much all of the Jack Reacher books, and I’ve dipped into characters from a few other thrillers.  (Some, I did not warm up to).

And, as I do every year, I’ve re-read a couple of my favorite Nero Wolfe books.  My first loyalty is and has always been to Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.

I have friends who read more “serious:” fiction.  I don’t disagree with their approach.  But, I pretty much read books for a living, and I want my “fun” reading to be…fun. And when I find a new author, with a new character that I warm up to, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

The first Nero Wolfe mystery

The first Nero Wolfe mystery

So, what/who do you read for fun?


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