Does Dallas Have Enough…Learning? – The First Friday Book Synopsis and the Challenge of Lifelong Learning (An Open Letter)

Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?
Frequently quoted by Jim Young, business leader in Dallas


This is the content of an “Open Letter” sent to our First Friday Book Synopsis folks.  (The First Friday Book Synopsis is our monthly event in Dallas, now in its 21st year).  It is about the challenge to keep learning.  It is about being part of a community of learners.  Please read, and ponder, and think about your own learning disciplines.


Please read my
Open Letter to our First Friday Book Synopsis folks –
as we think about 2019


What a great opportunity we have – to keep learning – for a lifetime!

You know that our event is unique.  At the First Friday Book Synopsis, month after month, we learn the key content of two valuable, useful, mind-stretching books. We cover the terrain:  books that deal with technological changes and challenges, books that deal with business challenges, books that deal with practical tips of productivity. Two books a month; twenty-four books a year; for nearly 21 years.

As I thank you for your support of our event, I want to ask you to think about helping to spread the word, and expand the reputation, of our monthly learning opportunity.  In 2019, please help us become even better known as one of the must-attend learning events in Dallas.

DMN, Learning

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Recently, after Dallas failed to land the AMAZON HQ, Mitchell Schnurman and Laurie Joseph produced a helpful article on “Does Dallas Have Enough?” (Dallas Morning News, November 19, 2018 – read the on-line version of the article here). Take a good look at the graphic at the top of this e-mail. It asks, does Dallas have enough:


I think our First Friday Book Synopsis can play an important part in that “Learning” circle/component.

Recently, Krys Boyd, the host and Executive Producer of Think on KERA Radio (90.1), spent an evening with Chris Vognar about interviewing.  (Yes, I’m a regular listener).  The Dallas Morning News published a terrific article about their evening conversation. This jumped out at me:

Boyd said that there’s a stark difference between reading for work versus reading for pleasure. Reading for work, to her, is synonymous with “studying.” It requires research.

Our sessions at the First Friday Book Synopsis are not “light.” They are more akin to serious study sessions.  My synopsis handouts are comprehensive; they contain far more than I can present in my approximately 20 minutes of presentation on each book.  But, if you attend, listen, and then later read the full handout, you really will learn.  And as you attend month after month, I believe you will look back and discover that you have become something of a more accomplished learner yourself.

This open letter is to make this simple request:  attend regularly, and help spread the word.  Let’s do our part to help raise Dallas’ reputation in that learning circle.

Thank you for your interest, your support, and your encouragement.

Keep learning – there’s always the next new thing to learn.

Randy Mayeux
First Friday Book Synopsis

"Keep Learning" -- It's right there on our bookmarks - Click on image for full view

“Keep Learning” — It’s right there on our bookmarks – Click on image for full view

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