You are ignorant; we all are – There is so, so much to learn (insight from Baba Dioum)

“Acquaint yourself with your own ignorance.”
Isaac Watts, Improvement of the Mind

In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”
Baba Dioum


It’s quite the quandary. We are ignorant. We need to learn. We will learn more about what we love. And, when we learn, we learn because we have been taught. But, the ocean is wide and deep, and as fast as we learn, the ocean of what we don’t know only grows larger.

So, maybe the first thought should be: acknowledge your own ignorance. And then, acquaint yourself with the ignorance that you most want to remedy, and learn what you can to do just that. And remember, however much we learn, there is far more we do not know. Thus, ignorance is always present. Know what your ignorance!

So, however we think about it, learning is the life-long task, isn’t it?

"Keep Learning" -- It's right there on our bookmarks - Click on image for full view

“Keep Learning” — It’s right there on our bookmarks – Click on image for full view


(personal note: for many of the past few years, I have posted on this blog practically daily. But when my schedule is full – and especially away from my computer — my postings are less regular. This week should be a more-frequent blogging week for me. So, more coming…)


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