You want to get better at speaking? (or, anything else) — Work at it!

5adf813b54e7e448e7ed342d22ee3254You can’t get better at what you don’t work at.
You don’t get better at what you don’t work at in the right ways.
You won’t get better by accident, or just by the passing of time.

You get better at what you work at, in the right ways, consistently, over time, over the long haul.

We conducted our Speech Class Refresher last week. Great reviews! Positive feedback! One man said, in his own weekly e-mail:

If you give speeches and presentations, don’t miss the chance to take the First Friday Speech Class Refresher.
I was amazed at the number of things that I learned that I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

Others commented about the value they gained from specific elements of the class.

But, as we made clear during the class, and as the folks clearly understood/understand, going to a class will not make you a good speaker. Working on your skills, both in preparing your speeches/presentations, and then working on delivering your content effectively, are both required.

You don’t get better at what you don’t work at!

Now, of course you have to know what to work on. And you have to take the “deliberate, purposeful practice” approach championed by Anders Ericcson in Peak. (See this blog post).

But, if you have any speeches or presentations you have to give — and, you probably do — work at getting better at it!!!

And, anything else you need to get better at — work at getting better at that also!

Remember: practice, practice, practice!

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