Speech Class Refresher Program Lauded by Attendees

The Speech Class Refresher program we conducted on June 9 was a major success.  If you missed it, I hope you will register for the next offering this fall.  Watch our blog for information about date and location.  The picture below includes all the participants.

Here is a comment forwarded from one of the participants after the program:

Have you ever witnessed someone who is really good at what they do and you wonder how they do it?  Well, quite frankly, I’ve been wondering that about both of you as I attend the First Friday Book Synopsis events.  How did you each get to this level as a speaker?  Why is it that you are both very successful SPEAKERS AND LEADERS?  Why is it that really smart people come back again and again to hear you speak each month?  How can I get better at SPEAKING AND LEADERSHIP?  —- So, for me personally, what I liked best about The Speech Class Refresher was that I was able to gain insight into how you do it.  This is exactly what I wanted.  After taking your refresher, I also liked that you taught in a way that the speaking techniques were clear and I was able to understand them and I feel I can implement them (and get better if I commit to practice regularly which will be my biggest challenge).  I know you said you weren’t teaching new things, however, for me, the refresher both reminded me of things I’ve learned before but also taught me things I never knew.”

How gratifying this is!  I hope you will take this program in the fall and leave feeling the same way.


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