Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Episode 18: There are no challenges, only opportunities

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini in “The Millennial Corner”
(note from Randy:  Christina is a participant in our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, and a high-energy thinker and leader.  Read about her at her LinkedIn page by clicking here).




challengesA couple of months ago, I got into a short but heated tiff with someone I interact with on a regular basis. She raised her voice, I raised mine (with a healthy dose of sarcasm), she got confrontational, and we both got upset. The flare-up was uncomfortable and embarrassing, exacerbated because it happened in public in front of people I know and respect. I was ashamed and just wanted to practice some hardcore avoidance. The maximizer in me immediately started looking for the lesson to be learned in this vignette.

That episode weighed on me for several days for a number of reasons,  but it all boiled down to one thing: it was one of the best opportunities that I’ve ever been given.

-It was an opportunity for me to see my own blind spots, and work on correcting them
-It was an opportunity to remind myself to respond versus react
-It was an opportunity to recognize that the problem at hand is rarely the real problem
-It was an opportunity to make an apology that I owed
-It was an opportunity to engage in healthy conflict and have a crucial conversation

This stressful encounter gave me these great gifts, and I’m so grateful.

More importantly, this greater opportunity served as a fairly low-stakes lesson that I couldn’t have learned any other way.

And, above all else, I try to think on a higher energy level, bearing in mind that challenges aren’t bad, but rather excellent opportunities.

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