Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Episode 17- Fight Decision Fatigue: Remove the Choices to Save Brain Power

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini in “The Millennial Corner”
(note from Randy:  Christina is a participant in our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, and a high-energy thinker and leader.  Read about her at her LinkedIn page by clicking here).




Do you ever feel exhausted after just a few hours of work, even if working while sedentary? Or totally wiped-out attending to home projects like organizing old family photos or sorting through clothes to donate?  Decision fatigue is the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision-making. The after-effect feels like brain-drain and exhaustion, because the human brain burns 300-400 calories daily. That’s a lot of calories used just for thinking; no wonder we feel beat!

We arise daily with only so much currency in our decision-making mental ATM that we serve ourselves best by saving our energy for the most important decisions. In automating parts of our lives, we save ourselves from expending energy on simpler decisions so we can dedicate our unfatigued attention to the more critical choices that have highest-impact.

Below are some ways to help ward against decision-fatigue:

Prep the night before for tomorrow.

-Pre-select & hang your clothing & accessories for tomorrow in your closet

-Prep & pack your food (breakfast, bagged lunch in fridge, snacks in purse/briefcase)

-Keep together everything you need to leave the house and put your belongings in the same place daily to avoid finding lost articles on your way out the door

Consider a work uniform.

Wear similar items to work every day to eliminate morning wardrobe decisions. Steve Jobs (black turtleneck & jeans) and Barack Obama (navy suits) are key examples of this practice; they did this intentionally to save the real decision-making for their work day.  This also adds to professionalism, predictability & personal curb appeal.

Future-date tasks on your calendar.

Setting reminders to call people, booking your next dentist appointment before you leave your current cleaning, and setting birthdays to repeat annually are ways to stay on top of your life and not miss an important date.

Want to take your decision-making prowess to the next-level?

Here are a few companies who cater to their audience by only serving few choices:


Leave to it to the Germans to design an efficient & minimalist grocery store.  These smaller-footprint stores stock 75% fewer items than a typical supermarket. Although spartan, the essentials are there, often with only one option, making decisions & shopping quicker. Deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart, and push the cart back in the corral and get your quarter back. There’s even an absence of music, making it a more peaceful experience.

Bonus: they sell beer & wine.

Kit and Ace 

Canadian men’s & women’s clothing retailer, from the founder of tech-apparel leisurewear Lululemon. Their focus: high-quality cashmere blend basics. Lots of White, black, and grey. Versatile, timeless pieces built to last for years.

Monocle 24 radio 

An internet radio app with no buttons or choices: just play and stop. This 24×7 eclectic, international music & lifestyle station is an arm of London-based Monocle magazine (covers international affairs, business, culture & design).


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