Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Episode 15: Lessons of Happiness We Can All Learn from Alcoholics Anonymous

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini

Christina Rossini in “The Millennial Corner”
(note from Randy:  Christina is a participant in our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis, and a high-energy thinker and leader.  Read about her at her LinkedIn page by clicking here).




Alcoholics Anonymous, for many, is a recipe for how to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Tenants such as rigorous honesty, spiritual awakening, gratitude, and service to others are just a few pillars cemented in this twelve-step program.  Time magazine named Bill Wilson, one of the two founders of AA, one of the most influential people of the twentieth century.

Although I admire AA’s tenants and wisdom as a non-member spectator, knowing loved ones who live this twelve step program and practice the principles in all their affairs has taught me that AA really has figured out how to live a happy life.

Below are a few mottos from Alcoholics Anonymous, who literally wrote the book, and from which we can all take a page.

How important is it?

Mature adults don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. When we don’t over-exaggerate our reactions, we instead self-regulate and give an appropriate, intentional answer. Respond rather than react.  Everything is temporary.

Live and let live

Would you rather be right or be happy? Having mercy on others means overlooking imperfections and smiling anyway. I know that whenever I point my finger, there’s three more fingers pointing back at me.

One day at a time

Focus only on what’s in front of us and be in the moment. Don’t project a catastrophe for the future that may or may not happen. Focus on controlling oneself in the present day, because we are the only thing we can control.

Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves…and when we are wrong, promptly admit it

Always be taking stock in ourselves, and strive for constant personal development. Self-awareness, self-regulation & empathy are qualities it’s hard to have too much of. And then we must stop just thinking about getting better–we must do the work.

Serenity Prayer

One thought on “Christina Rossini in The Millennial Corner – Maximized Life, Episode 15: Lessons of Happiness We Can All Learn from Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. RonaD

    My father and mother taught me at a young age that I had choices much like the Serenity Prayer. Essentially I had a chore or a job such as mowing lawns or delivering papers. I could choose to put up and shut up with the job, change my attitude (and shut up) about the job or quit the job/chore. I would of course “enjoy” the results of my choice – pay or no pay – no privileges. The Serenity Prayer is so much more eloquent.


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