It all makes sense; it all sounds like common sense – (insight obvious from Designing Your Life)

So, I am finished reading Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived and Joyful Life by Bill Designing Your LifeBurnett and Dave Evans. Here’s my reaction. This book makes sense. It just all makes sense. (I am presenting my synopsis this Friday, and will post my lessons and takeaways from this book next week).

That seems to be true with every insight I gain from the great business books I read. When something hits me as true, and useful, and transferable, it almost always has that “this makes sense” quality to it.

And, one other observation – it often seems “I think I’ve heard this before, or read this before.” It sounds new but it also sounds…familiar in some way. Like “I know this, but I haven’t been paying attention to this lately, and I should have been.”

Now, the list of such insights is long, from this one book, Designing Your Life. Here are a few::

Spend some actual time working on possible designs for your life
On paper
With lots of ideas
And it is going to take a lot of networking – you know, interacting with other people; real people
You will make mistakes; some whoppers! – learn from them
You’ll need a team of attentive folks, who have your best-interests at heart, to help you along the way

Don’t these insights/ideas make sense? And, there are others. (Wait till next week’s post).

But, here’s the deal. We’ve got to pay better attention. Remember what we have learned.

The next time you go into a meeting, remember what you have learned about good, effective, productive meetings.

The next time you sit down at your computer, remember what you have learned – about when and how to check e-mail, about how to focus on one thing at a time.

Whatever you are doing, ask yourself – “What have I learned; what do I know about how to do this well?”

Then, do what you have learned! Get to work the right, smart, “it makes sense” way.

To approach your work this way, every day, every hour, well… it just makes sense!

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