8 Thou Shalt Nots for speakers – (Not quite Ten Commandments for Speakers)

10_WLS_Commandments_blankHe or she who has ears to hear, let them hear…

Assuming you are thoroughly prepared, when speaking…

#1 – Because thou shalt control your body,

thou shalt not stand rigidly still,
thou shalt not pace purposelessly

#2 – Because thou shalt be perceived as knowledgeable and confident,

thou shalt not be tentative

#3 – Because thou shalt use your physical body to full effect, thus standing with erect posture,

thou shalt not slouch

#4 – Because thou shalt be engaging and accessible, thus speaking in a conversational style,

thou shalt not speak as an inaccessible orator

#5 – Because thou shalt strive to be easy to understand, using proper and clear enunciation,

thou shalt not mumble

#6 – Because thou shalt make your words interesting, (using vocal variety and verbal punch),

thou shalt not speak in a monotone –

#7 – Because thou shalt always keep the attention of your listeners, using many and appropriate gestures,

thou shalt not stand rigidly still, with your hands velcroed to your side

#8 – Because thou art speaking to real, live human beings, thou shalt look your audience members in the eye – eyeball-to-eyeball,

thou shalt not just look at your notes, or, God forbid, just look at the projection screen 

Here endeth the lesson…

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