Leaders and their Conversations – Good Books Can Help

I read business books.  Along with my colleague Karl Krayer, I present synopses of business books.  These presentations help facilitate needed conversations.

I think a lot about how to think about the needs of leaders, and how to “plan” these needed conversations.  So, here is my latest visual take on this.  This one includes eight “conversations” for leaders to have, all revolving around “The Healthy & Growing Organization – Constantly Adapting and Innovating.”  The book titles are all ones that I have presented.  (Karl Krayer has presented other books that would further enhance these conversations).  And, please do not pass judgement on the “look” of this page – I am not a graphic designer, and I prepared this just to help me, and others, think about these issues.  Take a look:

Click on image for full view

Click on image for full view

Some suggestions:  Buy copies of these books for your leadership team, and read them together.  Such an approach is ideal – but some groups have discovered that “not everyone actually reads the books.”

So, another option — bring us into your organization to lead these sessions.
purchase our synopses of these books from our companion web site, 15minutebusinessbooks.com.  Each purchase provides you with the audio recording of our presentation from the First Friday Book Synopsis, held monthly in Dallas, along with our comprehensive handouts.  Some groups play the recordings (around 17 minutes), and then start their discussion.

Now, take a good look at the visual.  Whether you use these books or not, or this plan or not, wouldn’t a few sessions on these issues be really valuable for your team?


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