“This Is Going To Change Everything – All Over Again.” – The New iPhone 4 And Innovation

“This is going to change everything – all over again.”

These are the last words on the new Apple iPhone 4 video.  (Watch it here).  If you watch the video, you see a report on the Apple culture – a culture fixated on this:  “how do we keep making better products, &, how do we keep making products better?”

It is the business challenge of the era in a nutshell – we all must practice constant and ever-better innovation.

I have a friend whose iPhone died.  (He was a heavy, outdoor user – it’s amazing that it survived as long as it did).  He is using a “loaner phone,” until June 24, when he can get the new iPhone 4.  He is cursing the universe over his loaner phone.  He had gotten used to the ease of use, the ease of use of all the features, on his iPhone.

Now, you may prefer another brand, another product.  But here’s the business lesson.  What is really good today will not be good enough tomorrow.  Someone is already improving on what is to get to what will be, and by the time they get to that, someone else will already be ready to fly right past this new “better than ever’ product.

It really is an era of constant innovation.

“This is going to change everything – all over again.” — That is, until the next new, new thing…

my first phone -- it was a marvel!

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