A Quote for the Day – from Jack Valenti

Jack Valenti

I was reading a speech by Jack Valenti, who worked for LBJ and then served as President and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America.  The speech was given in 1996, to the Federal Communications Bar Association.  (one of the many terrific speeches in William Safire’s collection in Lend Me Your Ears:  Great Speeches in History).

Here are a couple of quotes from the speech:

What does count, the only gauge, is whether you have “good judgment.”

I learned never to humiliate an antagonist and never desert a friend.  In a political struggle, never get personal else the dagger digs too deep.  Your enemy today may need to be your ally tomorrow.

The speech has much more to say, about leadership especially.  If you have Safire’s book, this speech is worth your time.

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