The First Friday Book Synopsis is a high-fidelity experience

Yesterday, I presented my synopsis of Trade-Off:  Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t by Kevin Maney.  I have thought a lot about the main idea of the book:  that the best companies are either really, really good at high-fidelity (the purity/high-quality of a product or an experience) or high-convenience (the ease with which to get a product or service).  A simple description of this principle:  a four-star restaturant is a high-fidelity experience, McDonald’s provides a high-convenience experience.

Fidelity is the total experience of something. Convenience is how easy (or hard) it is to get what you want.

I’ve thought a lot about this trade-off.  And, if you will permit me, I would like to use the Trade-off template to talk about our monthly event, the First Friday Book Synopsis.  For nearly 12 years, Karl Krayer and I have presented synopses of business books.  We have hit all of the big best-sellers (except for finance books – we do not choose many of those).  The people who attend hear our two presentations, 15 minutes of fast-paced summary of the key elements from each of the two books for the month.  (Bob Morris likes to call what we do an “executive book briefing”).  The breakfast is really, really good – the Park City Club does a terrific job.  And the quality of the people – movers and shakers and thought-leaders and mentors and business executives and independents and a really exceptional cross-section of woman and men – provides, I think, a genuinely superior networking experience.

In other words the First Friday Book Synopsis is a high-fidelity experience.  There is no where else that I know of where you can get this mix:

good content from the best business books + really good food + great networking

all in one package.

There are other events with good food.  There are other events with good content.  There are other events with good networking.  But this mix of these three really does make for a true high-fidelity experience.

So – if you will allow me this privilege, I commend to you the First Friday Book Synopsis.  A true example of a high-fidelity experience.  (Click here to sign up for our e-mail reminders).

Karl Krayer and Randy Mayeux, with Chuck Canfield, Bette Price, Ben Brown, and Marcia Zidle, at the 10th anniversary synopsis. All of these were at the very first gathering, April, 1998.

from our 10th anniversary


A short note to those who do not live in the Dallas area.  We can’t provide you with our experience in this high-fidelity form.  But you can get our handouts, plus the audio of our presentations, (there is usually a month or two lag) from our companion web site,  It’s high-convenience, at least regarding obtaining just the content of the presentations.   I hope you will check it out.

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