Conduct your own Performance Review — An incomplete Blog Post related to Daniel Pink and his new book Drive

First, my apology.  This is an incomplete blog post, prompted by too brief a listen to an excellent interview.  (It’s a matter of when I was in my car).  Krys Boyd, KERA interviewer extraordinaire/host of Think, interviewed Daniel Pink today.  I only heard a few of the moments, and I have not had time to listen to the full broadcast from the web site

Daniel Pink

But, here is a nugget worth adopting.  Pink said that most performance reviews are not all that helpful – too seldom, too stressed.  Instead, he recommends conducting your own performance review, every week. He said that you should “call yourself into the office,” and conduct the review, asking yourself questions such as:

• did you reach your goals for the week?

• did you set challenging new goals for the next week?

• did you work on developing new skills this week?

It sounds like a terrific idea, and goes along with the deliberate practice/10,000 hour concept quite nicely.

Anyway, check out the interview at the Think website.  (You can listen to the interview after they post it.  I don’t know exactly how long it takes, but yesterday’s interview with Paul Nicklin is now up, so it is certainly up the day after the interview).

And, Pink’s new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, is in our “probably will present” list for the First Friday Book Synopsis for later this year.

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