First Friday Book Synopsis Update – The Tyranny of E-mail and Trade Off, Coming in January

We closed 2009 with over 90 people gathered for the December First Friday Book Synopsis.  My colleague, Karl Krayer, was out of town, and guest presenter LIn O’Neill helped us get the key concepts from the book Busting Loose from the Business Game by Robert Scheinfeld.  (Thanks Lin).  I had a lot of fun with Superfreakonomics.

Here’s a great quote from the Busting Loose book:
The popular saying “thinking outside the box” refers to inking in creative and innovative ways.  I’m fond of calling what you’re about to discover “dynamiting the box.”

Thanks to all who helped us have a “record year” in attendance and interest at the First Friday Book Synopsis.

In January, we meet on the SECOND Friday of the month, January 8 (the first Friday, January 1, might have caused a few family/parade/football conflicts).

We will present synopses of The Tyranny of E-Mail:  The Four-Thousand Year Journey to Your Inbox by John Freeman, and Trade Off:  Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t by Kevin Mancy (foreword by Jim Collins).

We hope to see you there.

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