News item – Mac Users are (or, at least consider themselves) more creative than other people

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iPhone users are happier to pay for digital content than the wider online population; while Mac users are more creative and individualistic, a pair of surveys released this morning claim.
reported on the Huffington Post

After turkey and pumpkin pie, during a lull in the football and pinochle, I read this short piece on the Huffington Post on my iPhone.  Then, I got home to write this post on my iMac.  (I could have posted it from my iPhone – but I haven’t tackled that much complexity and effort yet.  So much for my own abilities, such as creatively learning what all I can do with what I have).  Back to the news item — it pleased me that surveys show that Mac users are more creative.  Here’s the summary:

Analysing aggregated data from 76,000 PC and Mac users asked about aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits, the survey declares that Mac users want to be perceived as unique, prefer bold colors and retro designs, enjoy indie films, and consider themselves risktakers. Those PC users, on the other hand, are more likely to see the world as “different enough already” and appreciate “being in tune with those around them.”  This is reflected in their more subtle, “mainstream modern” (neither retro nor extremely contemporary) design choices and their practical choices in clothing, footwear, and cars that favor getting the job done rather than making an overt design statement.

From a personality perspective, Mac People are more likely to describe themselves as “verbal”, “conceptual”, and “risk takers”, with PC People countering that they are “numbers oriented”, “factual” and “steady, hard workers”.
Interestingly, PC users like John Travolta, while Mac users prefer The Wire.

I, of course, am having fun with all of my personal Mac references.  But – there is a really subtle message.  I think we all want to be seen as “like” the people we want to be like.  So if we want to be known as creative, even subconsciously, then we choose products that reinforce these desires.  And we all know, from our earliest days, that “peer pressure,” the simple desire to be “one of the group” will dictate our choices:  our purchasing choices, our vocabulary choices, our style choices – all of our choices.

In other words, we dress and talk and act like others in our tribe – in order to be seen as part of the tribe, because this is our tribe.

But back to Mac – is it any surprise that Mac users and creativity go together?  Just think about the simplest illustration of this:  Steve Jobs seems to be the living exemplar of creativity.  Can anyone even picture Steve jobs using a PC?  I rest my case.

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